About Programming, Constructor(I)

Programming is very important for related technology companies because the most of online applications and online website need to be shown after technology of programmers’ typing code and development of coding around the world. Meanwhile, related so many programs like JAVA, PHP and so on, there is the constructor to be known and grasped by all of the programmers no matter senior programmers or newbies. Today, according to the topic of constructor, we will discuss a while.steel coil manufacturers

Simply understand about Constructor Function

Constructor (also is called constructor function) is a special method. It is mainly used to initialize the object when creating the object, that is, to assign the initial value to member variable of the object, and it is always used in the statement of creating the object together with the new operator.

A particular class can have multiple constructors, which can be distinguished by the number of parameters or the type of parameters, i.e. the overload of constructors.

Constructor is a special member function. Its name is as same as class name, without return value. Constructor does not need to be called by users, but automatically executes when creating the objects.

The use of constructor function is about to instantiate. For example, a model of a high-rise drawn on a drawing into a real building. In this case ‘this’ means point. It is used to distinguish the parameter of point from other parameters (that is, parameters in brackets).

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