The History of Europe: The Navies from Various European Countries in the 17th Century (I)

In the 18th century, most battles were named after coastal locations, and the distance between these coastal locations and the warring sites was often within a one-day voyage. Of course, Spain and Portugal are the exceptions.galvanized steel tubing suppliers The Spanish warships escorted the fleet of wealthy people to and from the Americas, while Portugal retains troops in Brazil and Asia. The Dutch East India Company and the West India Company’s armed merchant ships are also out of the voyage, but these are not navies operating at the national level. Between the European Ocean States on the Atlantic coast, wars that lasted more than half a century forced them to adopt a more prudent approach to naval affairs, with little remote operations. In the first 20 years of the 17th century, the Navy did nothing. In 1604, Spain and King James I concluded a peace treaty, and five years later reached a ceasefire agreement with the Netherlands. The relatively peaceful situation during this period was finally broken by the Thirty Years War. In 1618, the clash between the Holy Roman Emperor and the Protestant King of Czech Bohemia caused the war. Three years later, the hostility between Spain and the Republic of the Netherlands was reborn, square steel tubing for sale and the hostility between European countries was also widely re-emerged, marking the beginning of competition in the European Navy.

Whether in peacetime or in war, this competition was almost unchecked and continued into the 20th century. Although the Thirty Years War and the Dutch rebellion were different in nature, Philip IV’s Prime Minister Olivares tried to link the two, mainly to recapture Spain’s trade in the Baltic Sea from the Netherlands. For Spain in the war, naval supplies and food in the region are crucial, and the purpose of the trade is to avoid leaving trade profits to the Netherlands. Olivares considered that although the Catholic France has formed an alliance with the Dutch Republic, the united front of the Habsburg dynasty of Spain and Austria and the Polish-Lithuanian kingdom will still surround France. Flemish’s Spanish “Invincible Fleet” has achieved extraordinary results, and Olivares is greatly encouraged.steel coil manufacturers In 1621, in addition to the 12 frigates stationed in Dunkirk, the fleet also included private guns that were dispatched to plunder French, Dutch and British vessels. These three-sail fast warships are quite small and have been transformed from shipbuilders in West Netherland, making them ideal for looting, escort and detection. In the previous five years, the Spanish Navy has created an impressive record.

In 1625, Philip IV wrote in a letter to the Governor of West Nyland: “From now on, the land war will be on a pure defensive. At Mardick, we will build a fleet of 50 warships. However, it turns out that this is impossible. However, on the battlefields far from the Shetland Islands and Iceland, Spanish royal frigates and private rifles sank a large number of Dutch fishing boats and escort warships.

Trump’s American Dream: ”America First” in the field of AI

British media said, the president of American pushed the strategy of national level AI, its core is the federal government should have a preferential treatment to AI, give it more property resources and provide the data support to push the research and development of American AI, finally to achieve the goal of ”American AI first”.

According the report of British Broadcasting Corporation in February 13, America has always in the world-leading situation, various comprehensive reasons made America become the leader in the field of AI, including the lasting developed of academic circles and brain gain. Flux and reflux in the field of high-tech new technology. Now there are at least 18 countries and regions formulate explicit AI developed strategy and action plan, including Canada, China, Europe Union, Britain and Korean. The competition of AI is increasing day by day. It is said that the content of these strategies is almost about these aspects: technology researching, AI enhanced edition public service and intelligent weapons equipment. square steel tubing And they think America pursue ”big market and small government” and free market economic system. Trump government think America lack high-level strategy.

White House staff recently explained in a media call briefing on the launch of this strategy, AI relates to human’s all aspects in life, the latest ”American AI propose” plan does not contain the appropriation of newly increased or specific AI project, but it requests that federal government needs to put the research and commercialize as a priority target and arrange appropriation, formulate plans and provide data support.

The “Initiative” is part of President Trump’s American AI Dream, which has five main aspects –

Research and Development: Federal government agencies prioritize AI as a priority investment. The specific appropriation quota requires final approval by Congress. At the same time, government agencies need to improve their AI R&D spending in order to assess the government’s spending in this area.

Data and Infrastructure: Government agencies need to help research institutions use data, algorithms, and computer processing of federated databases. According to Reuters, the data support in the Trump government’s AI strategy means that the government has open a database of AI research in academia and industry, such as the database of medical and traffic regulatory departments, under the premise of setting up a privacy protection mechanism. Massive data is the foundation of machine learning.

Regulatory Governance: The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and other relevant departments will draft AI industry normative guidelines to ensure the safety and morality of AI use. It is unclear which areas of experts will participate in the development of the rules guide, but the departments involved are known as the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of National Defense. Protecting privacy is an important issue.

The report pointed out that the “initiative” did not address immigration policy issues. Critics believe that this is an obvious flaw, mainly because the importance of overseas talents to American AI research is beyond doubt.

Really Awesome Name For CEO Of APPLE(II)

Concrete Content

On Wednesday, Cook talked about teaching children programming in high school. “We strongly believe that every child in the United States should have programming requirements before graduating from kindergarten to grade 12 and be proficient in programming to some extent,” Tim Cook said. Cook pointed out that his company was founded by a college dropout.


Trump answered, “We have so many companies coming in. tin plate suppliers People like Tim are expanding and doing what I want you to do from the beginning. I used to say, ‘Tim, you have to start here.’ You really did. I mean, you invested a lot of money in our country. We are very grateful to ‘Tim Apple’.”


It is noteworthy that President Trump has nicknamed many people, mostly opponents, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. He used the word “Jeff Bozo” when referring to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, to a great extent the billionaire owned the Washington Post.


In early 2018, Apple said it would contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy over the next five years. Later this year, Cook attended President Trump’s first state dinner, and a few months later they held another. Apple closed Wednesday with a market capitalization of $828.2 billion, one of the highest in the world.

Important Prenatal Education, How About Artistic Prenatal Training(I)

Prenatal education can be helpful to the development of children’s intelligence. There are many ways of prenatal education. Today, I would like to introduce the art of prenatal education. Artistic prenatal education relies on a variety of art-related exercises to improve the cultural quality of pregnant women and create a comfortable and quiet environment for babies. Painting or brush writing can be regarded as art prenatal education.Steel Sheet

When did you choose to give your baby artistic prenatal education?

The answer is that you should choose when there are more obvious fetal movements.

The reason why we don’t recommend art prenatal education for children just after pregnancy is that pregnant women must wait until the fetal movement is detected, because according to the order of baby’s organ development, the baby has mature hearing and vision at this time, and can receive information from outside at any time.

For example, they can hear the beating sound of pregnant women and feel it. Illumination, even the emotions of pregnant women can be detected.


Ranking of Scientific and Technological Products(IV)

Sony PlayStation VR

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), Sony’s new PlayStation VR will attend the CES 2018 exhibition of SIE and hold a press conference one day before the CES 2018 exhibition.Steel Pipe Suppliers According to media speculation, Sony plans to release the official statement of PlayStation VR Helmet Version 2 (CUH-ZVR2) in North America because the old PlayStation VR has been discontinued in North America. Officials have not yet officially announced this. For many game and VR players, Sony’s new PlayStation VR is still very much to look forward to.