Trump’s American Dream: ”America First” in the field of AI

British media said, the president of American pushed the strategy of national level AI, its core is the federal government should have a preferential treatment to AI, give it more property resources and provide the data support to push the research and development of American AI, finally to achieve the goal of ”American AI first”.

According the report of British Broadcasting Corporation in February 13, America has always in the world-leading situation, various comprehensive reasons made America become the leader in the field of AI, including the lasting developed of academic circles and brain gain. Flux and reflux in the field of high-tech new technology. Now there are at least 18 countries and regions formulate explicit AI developed strategy and action plan, including Canada, China, Europe Union, Britain and Korean. The competition of AI is increasing day by day. It is said that the content of these strategies is almost about these aspects: technology researching, AI enhanced edition public service and intelligent weapons equipment. square steel tubing And they think America pursue ”big market and small government” and free market economic system. Trump government think America lack high-level strategy.

White House staff recently explained in a media call briefing on the launch of this strategy, AI relates to human’s all aspects in life, the latest ”American AI propose” plan does not contain the appropriation of newly increased or specific AI project, but it requests that federal government needs to put the research and commercialize as a priority target and arrange appropriation, formulate plans and provide data support.

The “Initiative” is part of President Trump’s American AI Dream, which has five main aspects –

Research and Development: Federal government agencies prioritize AI as a priority investment. The specific appropriation quota requires final approval by Congress. At the same time, government agencies need to improve their AI R&D spending in order to assess the government’s spending in this area.

Data and Infrastructure: Government agencies need to help research institutions use data, algorithms, and computer processing of federated databases. According to Reuters, the data support in the Trump government’s AI strategy means that the government has open a database of AI research in academia and industry, such as the database of medical and traffic regulatory departments, under the premise of setting up a privacy protection mechanism. Massive data is the foundation of machine learning.

Regulatory Governance: The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and other relevant departments will draft AI industry normative guidelines to ensure the safety and morality of AI use. It is unclear which areas of experts will participate in the development of the rules guide, but the departments involved are known as the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of National Defense. Protecting privacy is an important issue.

The report pointed out that the “initiative” did not address immigration policy issues. Critics believe that this is an obvious flaw, mainly because the importance of overseas talents to American AI research is beyond doubt.

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