At present, the overall level of domestic living space design has been developed rapidly, but the training mode of professional talents of living space design course in China’s colleges and universities and the overall quality of the trained talents still cannot keep up with the speed of industry development, and the shortage of living space design talents demand forces the major universities in China to implement the transformation of living space design majors to the application-oriented talent training mode.

Design communication is an important link in the professional teaching of living space design course, which has a very important role in improving the teaching effect of living space design course, and it also needs the educators to strengthen the understanding of the importance of design communication.

Design communication refers to the communication between the information design communicator and the information design recipient in the design activity, through effective communication to achieve mutual recognition of both sides, and finally complete the living space design program activities. Design communication mainly includes the following aspects.

First, the communication between individual designers and design commissioners.

Second, the internal communication of the designer team.

Third, the communication between designers and construction personnel. The communication between the designer and the design commissioner is based on the personal communication of the designer and the internal communication of the designer team. The communication between the designer and the construction personnel is the result of the implementation of the communication between the two previous ones. Through the effective communication and exchange at each stage, the consensus of the designer, the designer team, the client and the construction personnel is finally reached.

The importance of design communication in the teaching of living space design course

(A) the embodiment of students’ professional quality and their own ability

As future designers, they should build their overall professional quality at the study stage, so that after graduation, they can take up the post of assistant designer or designer. Students with good design communication skills can get accurate information when communicating with clients, which can avoid wasting a lot of time and make their own work more smoothly and quickly, and do a good job for the implementation of design results.

Within the company, effective communication can enable students to establish a cordial relationship and efficient cooperation with colleagues, deepen mutual understanding, reduce possible friction in work, and improve work efficiency.

Effective communication with construction personnel can avoid possible construction problems, such as modeling problems, material problems, technology problems, etc., and provide a guarantee for the effective implementation of the program and the realization of the design results, avoiding rework or material waste.

Therefore, the cultivation of design communication ability is not only the demand of design majors to realize the training mode of applied talents, but also the demand of students’ own professional quality development, and effective communication can also make the students’ life path smoother and smoother.

(B) The important standard of measuring applied talents and the embodiment of design professional education specialization

In recent years, there is a saying in the industry: “Customers abuse me millions of times, but I treat customers as my first love”.

The realization of design is a problem solving process and a kind of persuasion work, and in essence, it is a problem between people and people. Design communication has become a very important link in the overall development of design, so in this living space design course teaching to strengthen students’ understanding of design communication, so that students understand that in the fierce market competition environment, designers not only need to master professional knowledge and professional skills, but also need to have a wealth of design experience and good communication skills.

Designers should communicate effectively with clients and enterprises and construction personnel in all stages of design and construction in a timely manner to avoid problems, to make efficient solutions to problems found, and to solve problems raised by clients at all stages in a timely and effective manner.

Nowadays, design communication has become an important professional skill for living space designers under the continuous development of design industry, so its importance is emphasized in this teaching of living space design in order to enhance students’ effective design communication ability, which becomes one of the important criteria for measuring applied talents and the embodiment of design professional education specialization.

Design communication in the teaching of living space design course to achieve the strategy

The teaching of living space design course should consciously reflect the design communication, and target the various design communication problems of designers in the specific practice work in the teaching process, so that future designers can further feel the fun and hardship of design professional learning, and thus be more clear about their career planning.

The article takes a course assignment of living space design as an example to analyze the strategy of design communication in the teaching of living space design course.

The requirements of this assignment are reflected in the following aspects.

Firstly, the existing living space must be real, with an area ranging from 20 to 160 square meters.

Secondly, the client must be real, and the initial communication and understanding of the client’s needs must be done in writing or in a transcript.

Thirdly, the selected living space is mapped in detail and photographed, and the original frame drawing of the space is drawn.

Fourth, to investigate and study the existing living conditions of the selected space and make a good record. Determine the design plan according to the requirements.

Fifth, the design plan is summarized and integrated, and a slide presentation is applied to communicate the plan. Through the example design of this course, the strategy of design communication in the teaching of living space design course is summarized as follows.

(A) Teaching method of design communication by experiencing the scene

The design of living space is a very specific work, each design plan needs to meet the actual requirements. The site is the specific spatial environment on which the design is carried out, consisting of specific space size, space materials, sound, light and so on. The site experience is reflected in the designer’s conceptualization stage, the repeated design refinement stage, and the implementation stage of the design plan. Combined with the project requirements for students to find their own space design objects and clients.

The communication teaching method requires students to form the concept of site in the design of living space and be able to use all the conditions of the site for site and design. The communication embodied in the site design is manifested in the flexible communication and the ability to learn from the mapping problems, to make timely and effective answers to the questions raised by the client in the field, and to have a strong client’s affirmation of the student’s professional ability.

(B) the design communication teaching method of finding problems

Designers of living space design needs to be completed in the discovery of problems and analysis of problem solving. The realization of living space design requires not only classroom teaching, but also the discovery of problems through concrete practice.

Students are able to understand the needs of clients during the communication process with them and record them accordingly, which provides important support for the subsequent design implementation. The problem identification design communication teaching method focuses on guiding students to develop the professional concept of specific analysis of specific problems, so as to enhance the effectiveness and relevance of communication. In the process of problem identification, students are required to be good listeners and to be able to carefully and seriously understand the ideas of others.

In addition, students are also required to make rational judgments after listening, to grasp the main issues keenly, and to learn to apply professional interior design language to convey the designer’s ideas and solve the identified problems.

(C) Communication Approach to Expressing Ideas

When students are designing a living space, the presentation of design results is also an important part of design communication. Students can use PPT to communicate their design, VR virtual scenes, or sketch masters to show their solutions, etc. to achieve the purpose of communication and exchange of solutions.


On the basis of cultivating students to master design knowledge and operation skills, the teaching of living space design course needs to focus on guiding students to communicate effectively in their study, so that the teaching effect of living space design course can be improved and the teaching goal can be achieved.

In order to further promote the development and perfection of living space design teaching, it is necessary to further strengthen the attention and research on living space design communication, so as to provide more useful guidance for living space design teaching, and jointly improve the design communication ability and rich design experience of our design students, so as to provide high-quality design talents for the market and finally realize the transformation to the application-oriented talent training mode.