After many people buy a house, the next problem faced is the decoration, many are the first contact with the industry, there is a considerable part of the decoration are not very well understood, today we will come in detail to tell you what are now the decoration mode, and the decoration process and materials, I hope it can help you.

Renovation form

1, the whole package: all materials and labor all by the decoration company operation!
Advantages: save your mind. This way is generally suitable for those who are more successful in their career and do not have time to manage the renovation.
Disadvantages: costly, quality is difficult to guarantee. Nowadays, there are different companies and people in the decoration market, and it is not easy to identify and select them.

2, half package: half package is auxiliary materials and workers, the main material to buy their own!
Advantages: master sovereignty, large materials are bought by themselves, regardless of economic or safety are assured. By the designer to help their own design, auxiliary building materials by the construction team is responsible for, but also save a lot of heart.
Disadvantages: to spend more time running the building materials market, can not easily renovate.

3, the package: the package is only looking for workers, materials all by themselves!
The advantages: the greatest sovereignty in their own hands, easy to rest assured. The price is also economical, eliminating the chance of being duped.
Disadvantages: this way homeowner work volume is particularly large! Need to understand the materials, the market situation, will be very troublesome!

Renovation materials (semi-package, clear package need to consider)

1, the living room bedroom materials needed.
Building materials category: floor tiles, paint, skirting, flooring, paint, plaster line
Lamps: main lights, spotlights, floor lamps
Fabric: curtains
Hardware: curtain slides, door locks, door suction, hinges, switch panels, power sockets, TV sockets, air conditioning sockets

2、Kitchen materials needed.
Building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling, cabinets
Lighting: main lights, spotlights, cabinet lights
Electrical appliances: cookers, hoods
Hardware: sinks, sink faucets, floor drains, door locks, door suction, hinges, switch panels, power outlets, corner valves

3, bathroom materials needed.
Electrical appliances: ventilating fans, bath bombs
Lighting: main lights, spotlights
Building materials: floor tiles, wall tiles, ceiling
Sanitary ware category: toilet, bathtub, shower screen, woman washer
Hardware: hand paper holder, shelf, towel bar, bath towel rack, soap holder, coat hook, bathtub faucet, door lock, door suction, hinge, switch panel, power outlet, corner valve, shower, basin, faucet

Renovation matters

1、First, the renovation steps.
Pre-design – main body demolition and reconstruction – plumbing and electrical renovation – carpentry – tiling –brush wall paint — kitchen and bathroom ceiling — cabinet installation — wooden door installation –Flooring installation–Wallpaper paving–Switch and socket installation–Lighting installation –Hardware and sanitary ware installation –Curtain installation –Cleaning –Furniture installation –Appliances installation –Home accessories
Pre-design is important! Want to install what kind of style must be well thought out, according to their own living habits needs to design! Design before you must measure the room! Never think a little to install a little, soft furnishings okay to do it! If the hard installation into the, you can cry too late!

Plumbing and electrical circuit renovation contract inside should determine: water pipes, fittings, BV, single copper wire, UPVC, flame retardant, electrical conduit, network cables, TV lines, telephone lines, audio lines and other materials brand models.

Carpenters, tilers, oilers are the “three brothers” of the construction process, the basic order of appearance is: wood – tile – oil. The basic principle of appearance is – who is dirty who first. “Who is dirty who first” is also to determine the order of home improvement. Carpenters can go in on the second day of plumbing and electrical renovation construction!

Renovation process

1, tiling: in the “tiling two” operation process, but also involves the following three links of installation: over the door stone, marble windowsill installation, installation of floor drains, hood installation.

2, “oiler old three” into the field: mainly to complete the wall grass-roots treatment, painting, to “carpentry boss” hit the furniture painting and other work. Ready to put wallpaper students, just let “oiler old three” in the plan to put wallpaper on the wall to do grass-roots treatment can. As for whether to stay the last paint, I feel that there is no need to be too serious about this issue, from the point of view of the experience of the small renovation, stay once the meaning of the paint is not very big, because the operation behind no more dirty than the paint.

3, kitchen ceiling: cabinet ceiling as the installation link to play the first, or in the continuation of the home “packaging”. In the kitchen ceiling at the same time, the kitchen and bathroom moisture ceiling lights, exhaust fans (bath) should have bought. The best kitchen ceiling lights, exhaust fans (bath bar) at the same time installed, or leave the wire and openings.

4、Cabinet installation: after the end of the ceiling, you can about the cabinet door-to-door installation. At the same time the installation of the sink (can not include the water up and down pieces) and gas stove, cabinet installation before the best coordination property to gas through, because the gas stove installed after the need to test the gas.

5, wooden door installation: in the cabinet installation the next day, you can about the installation. Install the door at the same time to install a good hinge, door locks, floor suction, students should prepare the relevant hardware in advance.

6、Flooring installation: the flooring can be installed on the second day of the wooden door installation.
Flooring installation needs to pay attention to the following issues.
a, before the installation of the floor, it is best to let the manufacturer door to door survey whether the ground needs leveling or partial leveling.
b, before the installation of the floor, the floor of the home paving floor to clean, to ensure that the ground is dry, so the cleaning process do not use water.
c, flooring installation, if possible, the cutting of the floor must be in the corridor.

7, paving wallpaper: on the second day of flooring installation, the home cleaned up, you can about wallpaper paving. Conditions, the day of the wallpaper paving, the floor should do a little protection; no conditions are okay, to clean up the floor left on the wallpaper adhesive to the topping cleaning is no problem. Before paving wallpaper, the wall should try to do “nothing”.

8, radiator installation: the day after the wallpaper is paved, replace the radiator or remove the radiator students can get down to the radiator wall.
Wooden doors – flooring – wallpaper – radiator, which is a universally recognized correct installation order, here again to use the previously said “who dirty who first” principle. Last to install radiators because only the wall wallpaper pavement can be installed radiators.

9, switch installation: friends should have a detailed understanding or record of the number of switches and sockets between the various natural home, location and other issues, especially for wallpaper friends.

10, the installation of lamps and lanterns: installed lights, there is nothing to say. After the installation of lights, the home is bright, say goodbye to the 100-watt incandescent bulbs during the renovation of the harsh glare – feel good.

11, hardware of sanitary ware installation: before buying good water and sewage fittings, bathroom pendants, toilets, drying racks, etc., and all installed. After the installation of those “big pieces” in the front, the home is still very “cold”, wait until the lamps and lanterns, hardware and sanitary ware installed, the home “live”, really “Live”.
12, curtain rod installation: the installation of curtain rod marks the basic end of home decoration.

13, top cleaning: top cleaning before, do not install curtains. Do not have furniture in the home and not necessary appliances, to try to keep more “flat”, so that the topping cleaning can be thoroughly cleaned. Then ask the professional supervisor to test the quality of the decoration.

14, furniture into the field: on the purchase of furniture time, it is recommended that the earliest after the completion of the plumbing and electrical circuit transformation, so that the choice of the basic size of the furniture range in our hearts to have a rough idea. Therefore, some students in the renovation has not yet begun before the furniture has been ordered in a hurry, I feel little need.

15, home appliances into the field: by this time, home appliances should be into the field, the installation of the installation, ready to move in!

16, home accessories: the final step in home decoration, and has been turned from decoration to decoration, including the installation of curtains are part of the home accessories link. As for buying curtains, it is best to order furniture after to avoid style conflicts. Home accessories also include the possibility of buying some green plants, hanging wall paintings, decorative crafts, etc., etc. …… In short, after moving in, you are free to play.