The invention relates to a screw press having a flywheel rotationally related to the spindle by way of a friction coupling and a spindle displaceable axially in a nut mounted in the higher cross member of the press frame, whereby the flywheel has exterior toothing to a width akin to the utmost press stroke plus the width of the driving pinion, a plurality of pinions partaking within the said toothed rim are every driven by oil-hydraulic axial piston motors or by a pair of oil-hydraulic axial piston motors and the axial piston motors automatic heat press machine along with the pinions are disposed on a platform surrounding the upper cross member of the press body.

three. electrical screw press in keeping with declare 1 is characterized in that screw (9) and slide block (10) are fastened together, and are threaded connection the decrease end in screw mandrel (5). By setting the press power, the slide is accelerated to transferring downward.

Correctly operated friction drive screw presses are durable, straightforward to maintain machines since they’re based mostly on a relatively easy design. The machine is powered by a 5hp three – part electric motor and has manufacturing cost of $650 with the construction supplies being regionally accessible at inexpensive prices.

Our electric screw press adopts gear drive mode, features of this drive mode are: adopts special motor, excessive RPM, less torque, completely different tonnage press with different energy particular motor, simple to exchange when motor breaks down, easy & simple maintenance, motor efficiency just isn’t affected when screw information bushing is worn out., effectivity of electric screw press improved so much with continuous enhancements & innovations in many years, this gradually established our leading place in electrical screw press market.